Delegates voting at Labour Party Conference 2019

The situation for migrants’ rights in the UK is dire and becoming worse. Free movement has ended, harsh visa regimes help bosses to intensify exploitation, and the government is criminalising refugees.

We need Labour to take a clear and unapologetic stand for solidarity and migrants’ rights. Labour should be campaigning persuasively, as soon as possible, on a policy of free movement, equal rights and sanctuary, ready for next year’s General Election.

At Labour Party conference 2023, we have an opportunity to set that policy, and we need your help. In order to get our motion discussed, we need as many CLPs as possible to submit it as their motion. The more CLPs behind the motion, and the sooner they commit, the stronger we will be as the conference approaches in September.

If your CLP holds all-member meetings, just email the motion below to your CLP secretary, making clear that you want the motion to be discussed and voted on to be the CLP’s conference motion for 2023. If your CLP has GC (General Committee) structure, you may have to send it to your branch (ward) secretary first, for your branch to vote on whether to propose it to the CLP. If you are having trouble finding your secretary’s email address, it’s probably the same email address that sends you notice of local party meetings. Once you have submitted the motion, you will need to attend the meeting to speak and give an argument in favour of it.

Please email to let us know you have submitted the motion, and again when you have the outcome of the vote. You can also email us to ask for advice on any part of the process.

We will also be seeking the support of affiliated unions, affiliated societies, interest groups and campaign groups across the party. Please contact us if you are part of one of these organisations and would like to help us win its support for the motion.

In the meantime, we don’t have to wait for the national Labour leadership. Mobilise your local CLP and union branch to take action in your community and your workplace – as well as passing our national conference motion, check out the ideas and proposals in our model local motions.

For submission to Labour Party conference 2023. Please note that this is at the word limit – 10/10 words in the title, 250/250 words in the text – so if anything more were added, the whole submission would be ruled out.

Migrant solidarity: towards a humane, internationalist and socialist immigration policy

The government’s inhumane immigration policy is illustrated by its betrayal of Afghan refugees, Windrush scandal victims, and everyone crossing the Channel; its legislative assault on the right to seek asylum; and the brutal Rwandan deportation scheme.

Restricting migrant workers’ rights and making them precarious, undermines all workers’ power to push back against exploitation together.

Conference applauds PCS trade unionists, whose strike threats and legal action defeated maritime “pushback” plans.

Labour must build solidarity and campaign for migrants’ rights and an antiracist, internationalist alternative.

Labour will commit in power, and campaign in opposition and at the grassroots, to: