The Labour Campaign for Free Movement is a new alliance of Labour members and supporters.

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    5. Invite a speaker from the Labour Campaign for Free Movement to speak at your local Labour Party, trade union or labour movement meeting.
    6. Back our call for Labour to commit to closing all migrant detention centres – campaign actions here.
    7. Contact us about organising a campaigners’ meet up or with any other ideas you have.

Model motion for Labour branches and CLPs, union branches and campaigning groups

Defend & extend the right to free movement of people

We welcome the overwhelming vote at Labour Party Conference 2018 for policy stating that “stagnant wages, crumbling services and the housing crisis are being exacerbated by the government and employers making the rich richer at working people’s expense, and not immigration”.

Our movement must take this policy as a first step and not stop here. The UK and EU should welcome migration across Europe and from beyond.

Our policy is right to reject the lies used to turn domestic against migrant workers: Labour is the party of all workers and we stand for workers’ unity across the divisions of nationality. Migrant workers have always played leading roles in struggles to improve all our wages and rights, right up to recent cleaners’ campaigns defeating poverty pay and outsourcing.

Free movement benefits all workers. Without it, only the rich can live and travel where they want, while migrant workers are more vulnerable to hyper-exploitation, making downward pressure on wages more likely. Limiting free movement and migrants’ rights hits all working class people’s living standards.

Labour can provide real solutions to the problems facing working class people. We need massive public funding to ensure good jobs, homes, services and benefits for all; and scrapping all anti-union laws and strengthening rights so workers can push up wages and conditions.

We welcome the Shadow Home Secretary’s pledges that a Labour government would close two detention centres, end indefinite detention, and stop the use of landlords as border guards. In that spirit, in government we should:

The Labour Campaign for Free Movement, including MPs, trade union leaders and thousands of supporters, was launched in 2017 to campaign to defend and extend free movement. This branch/CLP sends it our endorsement. We will circulate its statement ( to our members to sign; urge our representatives to support free movement; invite a speaker from the campaign to visit our branch/CLP; and urge our conference delegates to support relevant motions.

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