Freedom of movement and the rights of labour: A reply to David Pavett

Don Flynn, a spokesperson for the Labour Campaign for Free Movement and former director of the Migrant Rights Network, has written at Left Futures in response to arguments within the left against free movement:

“David Pavett’s attack on the newly-formed Labour Campaign for Free Movement wrongly argues that support for the right of migrants to freedom of movement is the same as support for the free movement of capital. The implication he draws from this association is that in curbing the right of people to move freely we would also be restraining the domination of capital.

“Supporters of the new LCFM take pretty well the opposite view on this point: in the world of actually-existing capitalism the gains that have been won for the rights of people to move across the world as migrants have to be counted as advances – limited and partial though they might be – for the working class.” [Read more at Left Futures]

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