From the end of free movement to the onslaught against refugees, we are living through the biggest attack on the rights of migrants in modern UK history. The Tories’ agenda is about dividing working-class people, pitting us against one another, and scapegoating migrants for the injustices of neoliberalism and austerity. Yet so far, Labour’s leaders have responded weakly, pandering to right-wing fearmongering and allowing the values of Suella Braverman and Lee Anderson to shape the debate.

As local party delegates and trade unionists gather in Liverpool this weekend for Labour’s 2023 conference, our party and our movement have an opportunity to stand up and champion an alternative based on humanity, freedom, solidarity and working-class unity. A number of constituency parties have submitted policies drafted by the Labour Campaign for Free Movement, including to restore and extend free movement; to end barbaric deportations and immigration detention; to ensure safe passage, sanctuary and family reunion for refugees; to guarantee equal rights to work, vote and social security; and much more (see below). With your help, these policies can pass.

First, conference delegates need to vote for “Asylum and Immigration” in the priorities ballot. Then, delegates with motions in this policy area must resist any attempt to quietly delete bold and progressive policies in the back-room ‘compositing’ process. Finally, the conference must vote for the motion!

If you agree and are going to be in Liverpool during Labour Party conference, we need your help to lobby delegates and raise the flag for migrants’ rights. Even if you can only give a little time, please volunteer via this form. And if you are from a CLP that has submitted a motion on immigration and we’re not already in touch, please text 07824797278.

And if you’re not going to be in Liverpool, you can still help! Contact your CLP’s delegates right now and ask them to back this motion. And throughout the conference please spread the word on social media using the hashtag #Lab23 and tagging @labfreemvmt.

The policies we are campaigning for at Labour Party Conference 2023: