Send our motion to conference: Labour must stand for free movement, equality & solidarity

Posted: 15 June 2019

LCFM’s motion for Labour Party Conference 2019

We want this year’s Labour conference to commit our party to a strong and principled stance: to defend and extend free movement of people and migrants’ rights. The first step is getting our CLPs (Constituency Labour Parties) to vote to submit this motion (scroll down) to conference. Remember:

Please get in touch via to let us know if you are going to propose the motion to your local party, and then again to let us know the result!

Labour’s Immigration Policy: For Free Movement, Equality and Solidarity

Confronted with attacks on migrants – from the racist Hostile Environment to the Conservatives’ Immigration Bill that plans to end free movement and strip the rights of working-class migrants – we stand for solidarity, equality and freedom.

Scapegoating, ending free movement and attacking migrants’ rights are attacks on all workers. They make migrant workers more precarious and vulnerable to hyper-exploitation, pressing down wages and conditions for everyone. They divide us, making it harder to unionise and push back.

Free movement, equality and rights for migrants, are socialist values and benefit us all.

Labour can offer real solutions to the problems racists feed on. Public funding for good jobs, homes, services and social security for everyone; scrapping anti-union laws to support workers organising and driving up wages and conditions. Migrant workers are already central to trade union campaigns beating low pay and exploitation.

The UK and EU should welcome migration across Europe and from beyond. We must oppose the Tories’ immigration legislation and any curbing of existing free movement rights.

In government, Labour will:

(Title: 9 words. Motion: 246 words.)