Sign the open letter: Labour must stand for migrants’ rights

Posted: 27 May 2024

Sign our call below for Labour to stand for refugees and all migrants’ rights as it takes power. Download a physical sign-up sheet to gather support in your community, workplace, local party meetings, union branch and among canvassers on Labour campaign events.

Fourteen years of Tory rule have compounded decades of hostile policy to give the UK a cruel, racist and nonsensical border regime. Ending free movement with Europe was the biggest expansion of border controls in decades. The Hostile Environment and “no recourse to public funds” policies have driven many migrants into destitution. We now have a de-facto ban on seeking asylum.

This agenda is an attack on everyone. The Tories want to scapegoat migrants for their own failings – falling wages, the housing crisis and crumbling public services. And by stripping migrants’ rights, they leave migrant workers vulnerable to exploitation. The truth is, our society has enough wealth to create decent jobs, homes and services for everyone – if we tax the rich and big business.

Labour must reverse this legacy. We call on the next Labour government to:

We will put forward clear policies for migrants’ rights and equality at Labour’s annual conference, and we will organise our CLPs and trade unions to protest and to defend ourselves, our neighbours and co-workers. We invite everyone in our movement to join us.

Sign below