Kill the Immigration Bill – day of action 1 March

Posted: 13 February 2019

Migrants Welcome

Kill the Immigration Bill

Defend and Extend Free Movement

Protesters hold banner reading Stop Building Borders

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The Immigration Bill currently going through Parliament is a brutal attack on migrants. It will end free movement of people between the UK and Europe, subject them to the same racist Hostile Environment already faced by non-European migrants, and hand a blank cheque to the government to write new rules. They want to class all migrant workers earning under £30,000 as “unskilled”, strip them of any right to stay in the country longer than a year, and leave them vulnerable to hyper-exploitation by bosses.

On 1 March, communities across the country will come together to tell Parliament: kill the Immigration Bill! Migrants are welcome in our communities whether from Europe or anywhere else in the world. Don’t cut free movement – defend it and extend it!

Organise an action in your community – a rally, a protest, a direct action, lobby your MP or leaflet your high street – and let us know about it! See below for the list so far.

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Facebook event here – invite your friends!

Model motion for local Labour Parties, union branches and other organisation

Download and print this sign, take photos holding it and put them on social media (#KillTheImmigrationBill ) to show your support:Download

The day of action is called by Labour Campaign for Free Movement and supported by organisations across the pro-migrant left – for more info or to add your support: